1What documents do I require?

Proof of Business, Proof of Property, Income Documents. For an extensive list of requirements, please submit an application from here and our team will contact you with further details.

2How do I pay my LAP?

You will pay equal monthly installments (EMIs) submitted via a cheque.

3Can LAPs be repaid early?

Yes, however, there might be some pre-foreclosure charges. 

4How is my property valued?

We will ask you to provide a valuation of your property and then conduct cross-valuation from an independent third party. 

5Who is eligible to apply for LAP?

Anyone above the age of 25 years old can apply for this loan given they are the owner of the property. We also allow multiple parties with joint ownership to apply for a loan. Please read the above eligibility criteria or contact our team by filling this form.  

6Can I get a top-up in LAP?

Yes, all of our loans are available for top-up, however, the top-up offered will be at the discretion of Srajan Capital.

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