SME/MSME Loan for your Business Expansion and Growth

SME/MSME Loan for your Business Expansion and Growth

SME/MSME Loan for your Business Expansion and Growth

Srajan Capital helps you fulfill your business needs to assist in scaling your business by helping you meet all your financial requirements. With the SME/MSME loan you can get funds for working capital that you can utilize to purchase new machinery, equipment or aid yourself to expand your business.

Srajan’s SME/MSME loan is secured via a collateral which will help you unlock the true value of your assets. As the nature of the loan is secured, we are able to offer high loan amounts.

SME/MSME Loan Details

Interest Rate15% p.a. onwards*
Loan AmountRs.1,00,000 onwards
Loan TenureUp to 10 years
  • The MSME business loan at a competitive interest rate can help in a rapid growth of your business. 
  • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise or MSME loan schemes are availed by entrepreneurs or the one who owns and runs a business. There are various reasons behind availing an MSME loan such as to purchase goods or stock, for business expansion, increase cash flow, purchase or upgrade any machinery or equipment, meet the working capital requirements and launch new products etc.
  • People applying for an MSME loan should also check the current MSME loan interest rate, documents required for MSME loan, and MSME loan eligibility for new businesses. This helps to make the loan approval process smooth and quick. 
  • Srajan SME/MSME Loan is a financial product designed specifically for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It offers a range of features tailored to meet the financial needs of businesses in this sector.

Features of Srajan SME/MSME loan

  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Flexible Tenure up to 10 Years
  • Use for various Business purposes, including but not limited to:
  1. Business Expansion: Funds can be used to expand operations, open new branches, or explore new markets, allowing SMEs and MSMEs to grow and increase their revenue.
  2. Purchase of Equipment: Businesses can invest in machinery, technology, or other equipment necessary for production or service delivery, improving efficiency and competitiveness.
  3. Working Capital: MSMEs can use the loan to manage day-to-day expenses, purchase inventory, pay salaries, and cover operational costs during lean periods.

Benefits of Srajan SME/MSME Loan

Documents Required for Loan Against Property

Eligibility for Srajan SME/MSME Loan

The MSME loan remains one of most tried and tested options to get the funds to expand your business in 2024. To top it all, your MSME business is also propelled to the next level.

*Please note that the loan amount is also subject to the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Why should you take a SME/MSME business loan?

SME/MSME business loans will empower you to grow and take your SME/MSME venture to the next level. In fact, there are various government schemes as well, which have an aim to encourage small businesses to grow at a rapid pace. And if you can get a SME/MSME loan with these available government schemes then you will fast-track your small venture.

What are the documents required for a SME/MSME loan?

The following documents are required for a SME/MSME loan for business: 

  1. Id proof- Driving License, Passport, Voter Id card OR PAN card, Aadhar card
  2. Residence proof- Driving License, Passport, Voter Id card OR Ration card, Aadhar card, Electricity bill, Water bill
  3. Financial documents- Last two years ITR, Balance Sheet of the firm OR Profit and Loss statements, Last 6 months bank statements
  4. Business proof- Registration certificate, Certificates of business existence OR Memorandum and Articles of Association
What is the Eligibility Criteria for SME/MSME Business Loan?

Enterprises who are running businesses for at least 3 years are eligible for MSME loan for business, provided they are in the 25 to 65 years age category. An IT return filed by the business for at least 1 year is also necessary.

How long does it take to get a SME/MSME business loan?

If your documents and profile are eligible, then the minimum time to get a SME/MSME loan for business is 7-10 days to process your application. But in cases of applications asking for a huge amount of money may take more than the usual clearance time.

Is credit score (CIBIL) important in getting a SME/MSME business loan?

Yes, credit score/CIBIL score is important for getting a SME/MSME loan as a good CIBIL score lets the lenders make faster decisions for approval of the applicant's loan request.

How much SME/MSME loan for business can I get?

An applicant can get a loan of up to 1 cr depending on the size of the business. Different institutions have a different capacity of providing different amounts to the various applicants. You need to mention the required amount at the time of filling up the application form.

Can I get an SME/MSME Loan for GPA registered property and how much loan amount can I avail?

Yes, the loan amount will depend on the valuation of the property. You need Self Occupied Residential Property (SORP) for the same.

Is it mandatory to mortgage commercial property for an SME/MSME loan or, can residential property also be considered as mortgage?

Yes, residential property mortgage is a must even if you are ready to give commercial property as additional collateral.

Can I also get a SME/MSME Loan on industrial property?

Yes, in case the customer is mortgaging his residential property too for rechecking.

Can I get a SME/MSME loan for commercial property construction?

Yes, if evidence of self-occupied and self-commercial use is specified.

How can I apply for a SME/MSME loan for business?

To avail an MSME Loan, you can call on our number +91 90575 32022 or fill your details online form here, for a SME/MSME loan.

How long can I take to repay the MSME loan?

There is a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 10 years to repay your MSME business loan.

How much EMI do I need to pay?

Your EMI depends on the loan amount. Please reach out to our team by filling this form and they can assist you further.

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